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Vegetarian Meal Delivery

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Finding a meal delivery service can be difficult, especially if you’re searching for vegetarian options. Previously, meal delivery services tasted bland, had expensive memberships and were full of sodium or poor ingredients. Today, that’s not the case.

Many companies now offer meal delivery kits for vegetarian diets that are either pre-made and do-it-yourself, allowing everyone to find a menu that meets their needs. Some companies offer a mixture of both, making it a convenient option for everyone. Additionally, menus often feature seasonal produce or organic ingredients and may be health or calorie conscious.

In this list, you’ll find our top picks for vegetarian meal delivery services that go one step further to meet the dietary preferences of families, beginners, those wanting variety and much more. Ditch the grocery store and try your hand at vegetarian meal delivery services!

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Our Picks for the Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services:

Looking for more help when it comes to meal planning and tracking your nutrition? Try Noom. Noom is a weight loss program that helps you understand and change your habits around food to lead a healthier lifestyle. Because Noom takes a plant-forward approach to weight loss, it’s a great choice if you follow a vegetarian diet or a vegan diet. The food tracking app and one-on-one coaching ensure you’re getting enough protein and nutrients each day—even on a plant-based diet—to keep you full and satisfied.


Key features:

  • Offers: Frozen meals that are ready to be heated up and enjoyed in minutes
  • Shipping: Nutrisystem offers free delivery and the option to choose from paying two or three months upfront, monthly auto-delivery or a one-time monthly shipment
  • Number of meals per week: Customers eat six times a day, every day on Nutrisystem’s vegetarian diet meal plan for a total of 42 meals (including snacks) per week
  • Subscription: There are four subscription options with this plan—upfront payment of two months’ worth of meals, upfront payment of three months’ worth of meals, choosing a monthly auto-delivery or choosing a one-time delivery that spans a month. Paying upfront offers larger savings than the other two plans; the one-time monthly delivery is the priciest option

If you want simple, quick and vegetarian diet friendly meals delivered to your door every month, Nutrisystem’s got a plan for that. Subscribers get the option to choose from 75+ menu items—all vegetarian, all delicious. If you prefer to leave the decision making to the pros, you can also opt for “Chef’s Choice” which is recommended for your first order as it features some of Nutrisystem’s most popular meals.

A day of eating from Nutrisystem’s vegetarian meal might include a cinnamon roll for breakfast with cheddar cheese and veggies sticks as a snack, a spinach and cheese pretzel melt for lunch with a handful of walnuts and dried cranberries and four cheese manicotti for dinner with a Nutrisystem chocolate brownie sundae for dessert. And one of the best parts of following Nutrisystem’s diet plan is that you can still enjoy off-menu items for your flex meals each week. This means ordering from your favorite takeout spot or enjoying one of your classic homemade dishes—all of which are accounted for in your weekly meals.


  • Great option for those who are curious about trying or who follow a vegetarian diet
  • Several menu items to choose from for every meal of the day
  • Flex meals mean you’re not depriving yourself of your favorite foods


  • Can be pricey depending on subscription option you choose
Mosaic 2

Key features:

  • Offers: Frozen meals and microwavable meals ready in five minutes or less
  • Shipping: Offers next-day or two-day shipping, depending on your location
  • Number of meals per week: Customers can choose from different plans, each with six, 12, or 18 items per box
  • Subscription: Subscription-based delivery service, but customers can delay or skip shipments if necessary

Our pick for best heat-and-eat vegetarian meal delivery service is Mosaic Foods. This delivery service provides tasty, quick and easy dishes to meet a wide variety of needs. Mosaic Foods offers convenient meals that require little prep beyond heating them in the microwave for five minutes or less. This makes it a great option for working professionals, parents and those without access to a full kitchen.

These frozen veggie meals come in plans of six, 12 or 18 items per box, making it ideal for families. Meals are shipped right to your door often within one or two days (depending on where you live) so you can choose meals at a time that’s best for you

Plus, Mosaic Foods allows buyers to filter for additional dietary preferences, such as vegan options, gluten-free, wheat-free, nut-free and high protein. These options allow for a customized experience that meets a wide variety of nutrition preferences or needs.


  • Ability to pick your box and ship out all food within a matter of days
  • Convenient for those who have access only to a microwave
  • All packaging is fully recyclable
  • Meals start at just $4.99 per serving


  • Mosaic Foods is unable to deliver across the entire country, but is able to ship to most major metro areas in the Eastern and Western U.S.
  • Kitchen is not allergen-friendly, since peanuts, soy, fish and wheat are all prepared in the same space
  • Mosaic Foods is not a certified organic producer, although they aim to use organic ingredients when possible
Purple Carrot
  • Offers: Both vegetarian meal kits and fully prepared meals
  • Shipping: Depending on your location, all meals will be delivered either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Number of meals per week: The prepared meals option allows customers to choose up to 10, one-serving meals per week; the meal kit option allows customers to choose up to two-, three- or four-serving meals per week
  • Subscription: Subscription is necessary, but there is no membership fee. Customers can skip deliveries or cancel at any time free of charge

Purple Carrot is a popular vegetarian-only meal kit delivery service—and for good reason. This meal plan is available across the 48 contiguous U.S. states, which makes it a great option for nearly anyone in the country. It has even been noted as one of the best meal delivery services for weight loss.

Unlike other plant-based meal kit services, Purple Carrot offers two separate options for advanced chefs and novices in the kitchen. One option includes prepared meals that require just five minutes to heat up in the microwave. The menu for prepared entrees includes a curried chickpea salad and tamarind lentil dal.

If you like to put on your apron and start chopping, this veggie meal service also provides full meal kits that allow customers to prepare and cook the meal themselves before serving. Pre-portioned and individually packaged ingredients are provided. If you’re just starting to navigate the world of plant-based cooking, you may prefer to make your own meals as you learn more. Regardless of preference, Purple Carrot has a tasty, convenient option for cooks, or those wanting to hit the easy button for dinner.

One thing we love about Purple Carrot is that it includes meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, so you’ll have healthy, vegetarian food all day long. We also love that it includes high-protein meals to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need, which can be challenging on a vegetarian diet.

Ultimately, Purple Carrot provides delicious entrees to help you increase your veggie intake throughout the week. Whether you’re new to a plant-based diet or not, Purple Carrot makes it convenient for you to enjoy 500-800 calorie meals that are full of vegetables and other healthy ingredients.


  • Provides both premade and do-it-yourself options, so you can choose a plan that fits your lifestyle
  • Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and pantry/snack items so you can cover your meals all throughout the day
  • Also offers a gluten-free plan
  • Recipes change weekly and are chef-approved


  • Customers are unable to choose their delivery date
  • Purple Carrot is unable to accommodate specific food allergies beyond gluten
  • Does not include some ingredients like olive or vegetable oil, so buyers must purchase separately
Hello Fresh

Key features:

  • Offers: Meal kits that include portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes
  • Shipping: Vegetarian meal kits are delivered on certain days relative to your location; available in all states except Hawaii and Alaska
  • Number of meals per week: Customers can choose between two to four servings per meal with two to six recipes delivered weekly
  • Subscription: While HelloFresh does require a subscription, you can pause or skip meal deliveries up to five days before a shipment

When it comes to a family-friend meal delivery service, HelloFresh takes the lead. This company delivered approximately one billion meals in 2021 alone, making it one the largest and most popular meal kit services across the country.

We chose HelloFresh as our best vegetarian meal delivery service for families for two major reasons: First, HelloFresh offers a specific category of family friendly meals that are designed for larger groups and with children in mind. They claim that these meals are kid tested and approved, so you know your whole family will enjoy them, even your picky toddler (hopefully). Searching for a healthier take on your family’s favorite comfort food? HelloFresh is committed to helping families achieve that goal.

Also, HelloFresh offers a large selection of menu options and servings weekly. Members are given the opportunity to purchase up to four servings and six different recipes per week, making this an easy all-in-one meal delivery service.

HelloFresh serves up an extensive collection of dishes designed to make your mouth water, including Sweet Corn & Green Pepper Chowder and Zucchini Pomodoro Penne Bake.

We love that meals are dietitian approved, so you can feel at ease knowing you’re making a smart choice for your family.

It’s important to note that HelloFresh doesn’t only produce vegetarian meals and does offer options for other alternative lifestyles and dietary restrictions. However, it doesn’t provide vegan meals, although customers can choose to omit certain ingredients like honey and milk to make their meals vegan.

Overall, HelloFresh is an excellent choice for feeding your entire family healthy meals with high-quality ingredients.


  • Customers are not limited to one meal preference; you’ll always have access to all menu types and the ability to shop from all of them
  • Transparent about ingredients suppliers such as The Better Fish, Wonderful Citrus, Colavita and Pratt, among other companies
  • Provides discounts for students, military, veterans and healthcare workers
  • Menus and recipes are chef-curated and Registered Dietitian approved


  • Ingredients are not certified organic
  • HelloFresh does not provide gluten-free meals or nut-free meal options, and customers must review each recipe independently to determine safety

Key features: 

  • Offers: Prepared meals delivered fresh in single servings. Just chill and reheat
  • Shipping: Shipping available in 48 states except Hawaii and Alaska. Deliveries are made seven days a week. Customers can choose a specific delivery day from available options once signing up
  • Number of meals per week: Customers can choose between four to 12 meals per week
  • Subscription: A subscription is required, but customers can skip a week or cancel so long as it’s before the weekly deadline

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dinner that is packed with fresh veggies, look no further than Freshly. It’s our pick for the best prepared vegetarian meal service. Freshly’s “Purley Plant” meals are not only 100 percent vegetarian, but they are also dairy-free.

With Freshly you can choose from a rotating menu of more than 50 dishes like an Indian-style chickpea curry bowl or an unwrapped salsa verde burrito.

Freshly promised these meals are balanced to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need. Meals are delivered fresh, and not frozen. Once they arrive on your doorstep, just put them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to eat, then pop one in the microwave and enjoy! Each meal is ready in three minutes or less.

Freshly meals are single serving, so it’s a great option if you’re cooking for one, so you don’t have to worry about wasting ingredients or throwing out leftovers. Plus, there’s no clean up!


  • Menus and recipes are chef-curated and nutritionist designed
  • Each meal contains at least 10 grams of protein
  • Freshly promised the plant-based protein are made from minimally processed, clean sources


  • Because meals are delivered fresh, they have a shorter shelf life of three to five days
  • While Freshly offers gluten-free meals, its kitchens handle wheat which may not be best for people with severe intolerances 
Green Chef

Key features:

  • Offers: Vegetarian meal kits that include portioned non-GMO and organic ingredients. Meals ready in 30 minutes or less
  • Shipping: Depending on where you live, you can decide what day your meals will be delivered, and all meals will be delivered from 8:00am to 8:00pm local time; available in all 48 contiguous states, but not every zip code
  • Number of meals per week: Customers can choose between two, four or six servings and receive two to four meals per week, depending on the chosen package
  • Subscription: While a free membership is required, you can pause or skip shipments

Our choice for best organic vegetarian meal delivery service is Green Chef. Green Chef is one of the only certified organic vegetarian meal delivery services available across the country, making it an excellent choice if choosing organic ingredients is important to you. Furthermore, this service customizes your meals, so you can enjoy the menu regardless of your nutrition preferences. It even offers options to meet several dietary needs such as paleo, keto, Mediterranean, gluten-free, vegan and more.

Some of the mouth watering meals include Moroccan Carrots and Rice, BBQ Ranch Chickpea Sandwiches and Kidney Bean “Meatballs.” Many recipes overlap in category, meaning a recipe may be both gluten-free and plant-based.

Green Chef offers extensive customization in terms of serving size and number of meals delivered per week. If you’ve got a busy schedule or different needs each week, Green Chef is a great choice. You can select two, four or six servings with two, three or four meals each week. Plus, Green Chef’s menu changes weekly, so there’s usually something new to try. When it comes to high-quality ingredients and organic veggies, Green Chef provides a great meal plan for plant-based diets.


  • Wide variety of meal plans offered, such as vegan, keto, paleo, gluten-free, “Fast & Fit,” mediterranean and vegetarian
  • USDA certified organic company focused on ingredients that are non-GMO, free of toxic pesticides, irradiation, sewage sludge, antibiotics, growth hormones and steroids
  • All meals can be cooked in about 30 minutes


  • Green Chef does not provide premade options, so all meals must be prepared and cooked at home
  • Meal changes in your box must be done up to seven days prior to delivery
  • Orders can only be skipped or delayed up to seven days prior to delivery

Key features:

  • Offers: Fully prepared vegan meals; gluten-free options available
  • Shipping: All orders must be placed by Thursday of the week prior to delivery, and most meals are delivered the following Sunday through Friday, depending on location; Veestro is not available across the entire U.S.
  • Number of meals per week: Depending on your location, customers may purchase between six to 15 meals weekly
  • Subscription: Veestro does not require a subscription, although weekly recurring orders will receive a five percent discount off every order

Veestro is our choice as the best plant-based vegetarian meal delivery service. Founded by a brother and sister duo, Veestro aims to make plant-based entrees tasty, with quick and easy meal prep.

This vegetarian prepared meal delivery service provides fresh, ready-made meals that require just a few minutes to heat and serve from the microwave. Alternatively, you can order ahead and freeze these meals to save yourself extra time and energy later. This added convenience makes Veestro an excellent option if you have a lot of freezer storage or you want to purchase meals in bulk to use later.

Some of the meals on Veestro menu that caught our eye were Tikka Masala with Tofu, Lentil Shepherd’s Pie and a Fajita Power Bowl. These dishes include high-quality ingredients full of healthy nutrients.

Veestro prides itself on using organic ingredients when possible, avoiding refined seed oils, and being preservative-free alongside its 100 percent plant-based roots. This meal plan is a great option for those wanting to enjoy both vegan and gluten-free entrees.


  • Veestro provides calorie-conscious lists for those aiming to lose weight alongside its traditional menu
  • Does not use refined seed oils, such as canola oil
  • Offers additional five percent discount for weekly recurring orders


  • Shipping fees are not included and may cost between $7.95-$12.95 per delivery, dependent on customer location
  • No designated allergen-friendly meal plans or alternative recommendations
blue apron

Key features: 

  • Offers: Fresh vegetarian meal kits and prepared meals with new menu options offered weekly
  • Shipping: Depending on your zip code, you’ll be given a list of available delivery dates that you can choose from
  • Number of meals per week: Customers can choose two, three or four meals per week and either two or four servings per meal
  • Subscription: While Blue Apron is a membership-based meal service, you do have the ability to skip, pause or cancel your membership

We chose Blue Apron as the best prepared vegetarian meal service for beginners because it can help new chefs find their footing in the kitchen. It may be difficult to dive into the world of plant-based cooking, but Blue Apron is a great choice to help anyone learn the ropes.

Offering clear recipe cards with images and extensive directions, anyone can learn how to cook a tasty, delicious and healthy vegetarian meal right at home. Plus, Blue Apron offers swaps with additional cooking directions to ensure that all preferences receive helpful directions.

One thing we love is that Blue Apron can help you stock your whole pantry, offering kitchen tools and add-ons like side dishes, desserts and snacks. (We’re ready to add the carrot cake whoopie pies to our cart.) They even offer wine for purchase and suggestions to pair with your meal.

Blue Apron can be a smart choice for the earth-conscious chef who is new to the world of plant-based cooking. It’s a carbon-neutral organization that prides itself on its ingredients and sustainability, and has a goal of becoming net zero for carbon emissions. The company is also committed to the humane treatment of animals. 


  • A carbon-neutral company
  • You can purchase wine, kitchen tools and extra meal kits a la carte
  • Customers have the ability to pause or skip shipments within their membership
  • You can view Blue Apron recipes for free right on their website


  • There is an additional $9.99 shipping charge per weekly shipment, making it less budget-friendly for some people
  • Blue Apron does manufacture in a facility that handles the top eight food allergens and is not completely allergy friendly

Key features: 

  • Offers: Prepared vegetarian meals or meal kits, so you have access to both done-for-you and do-it-yourself options
  • Shipping: Sunbasket serves most of the country except Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Dakota and parts of New Mexico
  • Number of meals per week: Customers must purchase a minimum of two meals per week, each containing two or four servings; add-ons like market items are available with every order
  • Subscription: A membership is required, but customers can skip a shipment if it’s before the weekly cut off every Wednesday at 3:00pm EST

Sunbasket ranks as our best variety vegetarian meal delivery service. They provide a massive selection of products, meals and meal types, so nearly everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are met. They offer specific weekly menus dedicated to paleo, gluten-free, diabetes friendly, vegetarian, pescatarian, carb-conscious (low-carb), mediterranean, keto-friendly and “Fresh & Ready” meals and meal kits.

The menu for each category changes weekly, allowing customers to choose different recipes in their premade meals or meal kits. Examples of the vegetarian menu include Chickpea and Carrot Pita Pockets with Cumin-Lime Tahini and the Zesty Black Bean-Quinoa Bowl.

Like Blue Apron, we love that Sunbasket customers can add on proteins, snacks, sides, pastas, sauces and so much more to their weekly shipment, making it an all-in-one experience. You can even add plant-based chicken nuggets and Impossible Burgers to your shipment.

Sunbasket prides itself on its focus to include seasonal ingredients from suppliers across the country. They incorporate organic produce and seafood that meet the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, meaning that the seafood is high-quality.

With its sound ingredients and chef-approved and inspired meals, Sunbasket serves up nutrient-dense entrees that are sure to delight.


  • Certified organic handler
  • Customers can purchase extras beyond their meal, allowing them to shop for a majority of their groceries in one place
  • You can temporarily change your shipment address for each box, so Sunbasket can be delivered to almost everywhere you travel to
  • Sauces and spice blends are made in-house


  • Although Sunbasket offers a gluten-free menu, it’s still processed alongside gluten and is not suitable for those with severe allergies or Celiac disease
  • Doesn’t deliver to some U.S. states
daily harvest

Key features:

  • Offers: Frozen smoothies, bowls, soups, flatbreads, scoops, bites, lattes and mylk that are all vegetarian and gluten-free
  • Shipping: Delivers to approximately 95 percent of the U.S.; on-demand or instant delivery is available in metropolitan areas including New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Washington, DC. and Baltimore
  • Number of meals per week: You can choose a small, medium or large shipment ranging from nine to 24 items per box
  • Subscription: A weekly or monthly membership is required, although you can skip or pause shipments

Daily Harvest is our choice for best vegetarian meal delivery service for smoothies and bowls. This popular meal delivery service offers a wide range of vegetarian options and products like smoothies, oat bowls, soups, flatbreads, scoops, bites, lattes and even mylk, all forming a unique and extensive menu.

One thing we love is that you can make a meal plan for your entire day. Choose a smoothie for breakfast, and then pick an easy-to-prep Harvest Bowl for lunch time. The grain-bowls come in a variety of options, including wild rice, quinoa and even grain free. Then, heat up a flatbread and soup for dinner.

Unlike many meal delivery services, Daily Harvest has a rotating weekly menu. However, with more than 20 flavors of smoothies, like cold brew and cacao or dragonfruit and lime, you’re unlikely to get bored of the options. Just pick your favorite and then blend with a liquid of your choice, which is great if you’re dairy-free.

Daily Harvest is also unique in its ordering options. While a membership is required for purchase, customers fill their box a la carte with products they enjoy, rather than ordering by day or week. You can choose small, medium or large boxes each with nine, 14 or 24 items per box. From there, you can choose to repeat the order size weekly or monthly to meet your needs. 

Overall, Daily Harvest provides an excellent choice if you want frozen meals, snacks, soups, smoothies and more on hand, particularly those high in fruits and veggies.


  • Vegetarian, dairy-free and gluten-free
  • All products arrive completely frozen and have a longer storage life than fresh ingredients
  • Products don’t contain gums, fillers or artificial ingredients of any kind


  • Doesn’t use 100 percent organic ingredients, but supports farm suppliers in becoming organic over the course of three years
  • Packaging is not made of 100 percent sustainable materials

How to Choose the Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Service for You

When looking for your go-to vegetarian meal delivery service, consider your priorities, such as prepared meals versus do-it-yourself options. If you have time to dedicate to the kitchen, you may be able to try more meal kit services than if you’re limited to heating your meal with a microwave.

It’s also important to consider food intolerances or allergies, as well as your ability to choose (or omit) specific ingredients that meet your dietary preferences. Some plant-based meal delivery services also require additional ingredients, meaning you may still need to grocery shop. If you want to minimize your time at the grocery store, choose premade meals or check the recipes before delivery to ensure you have all the ingredients you’ll need on hand.

How We Chose the Best Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services

With so many companies offering vegetarian meal delivery services, it was difficult to determine our standouts. However, we focused on finding companies that offer not only tasty and healthy meals, but those meeting different dietary preferences.

For example, we highlighted vegetarian meal delivery services that offer both do-it-yourself meal kits, as well as premade meals that make it easy for everyone to eat healthy. We also focused on companies that utilize organic ingredients, reduce waste and prioritize sustainability in the food ecosystem and environment.

Overall, our choices for the best vegetarian meal delivery services highlight the need for convenient, delicious meals that are both good for you and the world.

Vegetarian Meal Delivery Services FAQs

Is there a vegetarian version of HelloFresh?

Yes. HelloFresh has a large selection of vegetarian menu options each week. We love that HelloFresh offers a specific category of family friendly vegetarian meals, as well.

Does Blue Apron offer vegetarian meals?

Yes. Blue Apron serves up fresh vegetarian meal kits and prepared meals with new menu options offered each week.

Is Noom suitable for vegetarians? 

Yes. Noom offers customizable plans for everyone, including those following a vegetarian, vegan or plant-based lifestyle. The app helps you track the amount of protein, nutrients and calories you consume each day, while also helping you understand your eating habits.

Final Thoughts

Vegetarian meal delivery services are a useful tool to achieve your nutrition goals and preferences, especially if you are unable to devote time and energy into making meals from scratch.

Previously, meal delivery services may have been unhealthy or full of sodium, but with improvements in ingredients, these services can offer high-quality and nutrient-dense meals. Plus, many vegetarian meal delivery services prioritize sustainability to ensure their ingredients are properly sourced and their materials do not harm the environment.

Overall, vegetarian meal delivery services can be a great option in exploring your nutrition and diversifying your diet.

Prices are accurate and items in stock as of publish time.