Beauty Veteran Nicole Ostoya Launches Own Skin Care Brand, Neon Hippie – WWD

Nicole Ostoya, a natural beauty market veteran, has taken her many years of learnings and introduced her very own skin treatment brand: Neon Hippie. It was out there from Monday completely at Neiman Marcus.

“I get that elegance is really crowded, but I do really feel like Neon Hippie does stand out,” she mentioned. “It’s so component-concentrated and so clear.”

All substances are detailed in just about every products description on the brand’s web page,, but Ostoya can take it a move even further when website visitors click on an component, its added benefits are discussed.

At the root, uncovered in lots of solutions, is a proprietary “7 Shroom Complex” built with chaga, reishi, shiitake, tremella, trametes versicolor, cordyceps and coprinus.

“I started looking into all of these mushrooms, and mushrooms actually can do in nature what chemical compounds can do,” she said.

For instance, shiitake can act as a retinol, “just a minimal slower and a lot more natural,” she explained, and tremella holds 500 times its fat in moisture.

The brand estimates $40 million in very first-year product sales.

Ostoya has launched a $125 confront oil (accessible in a smaller sized sizing for $50) $85 hyaluronic acid serum (with Zanthalene to firm and 4 kinds of hyaluronic acid for dampness) $80 vitamin C serum $75 peptide cream $60 Electric powered Flower Serum (a humidity bomb with an oil end) $30 cleanser, and $25 lip cure. The full line is formulated in California, with recyclable packaging and glass coming from Italy. The style is vivid and bold.

“It smiles at you when you open up the packing containers,” Ostoya said. “It’s pleased. Mind chemistry is a authentic issue.”

Ostoya invested 20 decades at Nordstrom, then worked at Profit Cosmetics just before starting off her very own product or service improvement business enterprise. She tapped chemist Florence Nacino, a longtime collaborator, to generate the formulas.

“This has been in me eternally,” reported Ostoya. “I’ve made so numerous formulas and products and solutions and design manufacturers for other individuals, and I preferred to do one the way I believed was the suitable way. And it might not be the right way for everyone, but it was the proper way for what I thought the world necessary proper now.”

Escalating up in Napa, California, “with a hippie mother,” she took inspiration from the hippie movement. And whilst she imagines customers will be between 35 to 55 a long time outdated, she sees the model messaging resonating with young customers, also.

“I come to feel like all these Gen Zs and Millennials are sort of New Age hippies — they are neon hippies. They respect science, but they continue to have some of those aged foundations of loving each other, peace, love the Earth,” she explained.

Next, with her team of eight, she’ll introduce an eye product in May, as perfectly as Neon Hippie solar merchandise down the line. A cleanser is coming in the drop, alongside with a new assortment.

“We’re accomplishing sound pores and skin treatment, much less h2o,” she reported. “Similar formulas but travel-friendly, smaller sized packaging, refillable.”