CACAYE collection features cacay oil in U.S. first

As industrial curiosity in sustainable, conveniently sourced substitute oils for cosmetic formulation stays high, particular magnificence treatment organizations keep on being vigilant in researching industry improvements in ingredients and programs. Recently, attractiveness business consortium Evoq launched a 3-portion pores and skin treatment assortment formulated with cacay oil.

The oil, a new introduction to the U.S. marketplace, provides many likely beauty positive aspects and has been shown in analysis scientific tests to have antioxidant properties. Sustainably sourced in the Amazon, cacay oil is a promising new bioactive rising in the skin treatment room for shoppers looking for eco-pleasant anti-getting old products solutions.

CosmeticsDesign sat down and spoke with CACAYE executives, Karl Obrecht, CEO of Evoq Brand name Lab, and Annette Falso, CACAYE Head of Innovation and Manufacturer, to master more about cacay oil, its noteworthy characteristics as a bioactive ingredient, and the formulation and launch of the new item line in the United States.

What is cacay oil?

Cacay oil has been in use by indigenous communities for millennia​,” explained CACAYE executives, “prized for its skill to mend and hydrate skin​.” Received by chilly pressing the seeds of the Cacay (Caryodendron orinocense​ Karst.) plant, the procedure “retains the oil’s most regenerative and antioxidant properties​” for larger efficacy in the formulation.

A review released in PLOS One particular in 2020 characterizes cacay oil’s “significant concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) these kinds of as linoleic acid and staying a rich supply of phenolic compounds​” as a worthwhile choice raw material resource for the beauty field “which can be made use of as overall health endorsing products and solutions​.”